Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hero as a Warrior/Lover

I am Frank Thomas Cortez. I am a student at John Horn High. I am a nerd because I love Pokemon. I am a football player. I am a friend. My best friends are Jacob Brocker and Stevie Annalea Cooper. I love playing in football games and watching sports. I am a strong believer that knowledge helps you through anything. I am a warrior. I fight for what i believe in. Along the line I am faced with many enemies standing in my way. These enemies try and pressure me and put me in situations that I do not wish to be in. I find myself to be very strong at these times for I do not easily fall into these situations. I am also a lover. My intentions on how to succeed are powered by love. I am always thinking about my family and friends when I am being a "hero". They have always given me love and in return to show that I love them I must set a good example. While I do admit that I do not always succeed in being the best I can be, I do see myself as being a good person and a Hero as a Warrior and Lover.

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  1. I enjoyed vising your site, Thomas; it was very introspective an honest. Those are great qualities to have. They will carry you far and help you gain the wisdom you seek and will eventually assist you in your doubt. You had a very sweet tribute to your girlfriend, and I love the post about your dad. Nice work.
    Grade - 100