Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hero as a Warrior/Lover

I am Frank Thomas Cortez. I am a student at John Horn High. I am a nerd because I love Pokemon. I am a football player. I am a friend. My best friends are Jacob Brocker and Stevie Annalea Cooper. I love playing in football games and watching sports. I am a strong believer that knowledge helps you through anything. I am a warrior. I fight for what i believe in. Along the line I am faced with many enemies standing in my way. These enemies try and pressure me and put me in situations that I do not wish to be in. I find myself to be very strong at these times for I do not easily fall into these situations. I am also a lover. My intentions on how to succeed are powered by love. I am always thinking about my family and friends when I am being a "hero". They have always given me love and in return to show that I love them I must set a good example. While I do admit that I do not always succeed in being the best I can be, I do see myself as being a good person and a Hero as a Warrior and Lover.

The journey in search of Knowledge

Life is a journey with every person striving for a different goal. My journey is one for knowledge. I believe that the more you know the better a person you can be. I wish to know everything. I know that this goal will probably never be obtained but I continue to try. I learn new thing everyday whether it's knowledge about myself, knowledge of the world, or knowledge from school. One of the things that I learn from the most on my journey are mistakes. Whether I make them myself or learn from others, they help me become better. Knowledge is what I strive for.

My Mentor Frank

My Mentor is a very big part of my life. He happens to be my father. He is always giving me advice on everything. When I say everything I mean everything. His most famous advice is his college test taking skills which I happen to have memorized even though they seem to change slightly every time. They consist of: "Thomas cross out all the answers you don't think are right, make an educated guess, and if you don't know the answer pick c for Christ."My father is also a really good example. He seems to me to be his families success story. Not only that but he's a good father. He is very understanding and he is always the one who i talk to first if I need something. He does not expect much of me except to be the best I can be which is what I try to give him everyday. Thanks Dad for being my mentor.

Bad Friend in my Way

I have many friends who I hang out with. While the friends who I keep close are very clean cut, I still have some friends who are in to many things that I do not agree with such as drugs, cigarettes, dip, and drinking. They try and pose these pressures as cool and hip but I still never fall for the pressure. These people are still my friends though who I have very much fun with and I try and help them get out of these habits. when they do not listen I approach these problems in a sophisticated way by telling them, "Hey man I don't care if you do it just don't do it around me and we won't have any problems." These problems are difficult to overcome since it is my friends trying to influence me. I pride myself on being very clean from drugs and drinking and I am not letting anyone break that record.


Doubt is my shadow. It follows me everywhere. I am always doubting myself and what I can do. This sometimes holds me back from doing things to my full potential. If I did not have this doubt then I would not have as many obsticles in my way. My doubt is also spiritual. I sometimes doubt my beliefs in God. These doubts are a struggle that i must overcome as a hero. Once I overcome this I will truely be happy. The doubt in a way is very necessary though. It helps me to see what I can really do. It also inspire me to learn more about the God i am Doubting so that i may overcome fears such as dieing and be at peace. Once I overcome my doubt I will be a true hero and I will have saved myself.

Jacob Brocker is Funny

My trickster is Jacob Brocker. He is my bestfriend who I care for as a person. He isn't as funny to everyone else as much as he is to me. We are more like a team. When we are together we laugh at all the stupid things on T.V. and do our "Flaming Gay" voices that are only funny to us. He is a real numbskull sometimes too which is also funny. He is always doing dumb stuff like "Ding Dong Ditching" my house while wearing boots. He is a real character and he is my bestfriend. Sometimes people claim that they do not know what they would do without something but really are just trying to sound cool. But i mean it when i say that I dont know what I would do without Jacob's comical releif.

Stevie Cooper

Stevie Cooper is my fair maiden on my personal odyssey. Yes, she is my high school girlfriend but she is also more than that. She is my bestfriend. I don't believe that she is like every other girl in the way the she understands me. She is nothing like me yet she connects with me and is always there, even when I am not doing the right thing. She is like the angel on my sholder. She always gives me good advice, when she knows what shes talking about. She is very rational and she says "Oh stop it Thomas" a lot. She is a big Christian which is a very good asset to me. I am not as close with God as I wish to be and it is good for me to be around someone so strong in faith. Stevie and I have a very close relationship and she really helps get me through high school. Acceptance is one of the things that almost every teenager wants, but with Stevie I really don't care. She doesn't care about the cloths I wear. she never complains when my hair looks bad. she doesn't care if I am broke out. These are the kind of things that make me feel important. I honestly don't think that anyone understands how much I really need Stevie.